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Help Jerry climb out of the pit (Disclaimer: exit of the pit has not been implemented)


  • Arrow keys/WASD to move Left and Right.
  • Space to Jump and Shoot.
  • Hold Space to Jump higher and deal more damage. 
  • R to reset

The Dual Purpose Design

  •  Clicking Space-bar jumps and shoots, and holding space-bar charges a higher jump and shoots a stronger bullet.
  • Killing enemies also changes the terrain and helps you climb higher, but can damage the player.

Third Party Resources


  • Damen G. - Game Design and Programming
  • Bowen D. - Game Design and Art Assets
  • Jacob D. - Sounds and Music 
  • Caleb D. - Advice

More information

Published 4 days ago
Tags16-bit, Puzzle-Platformer, Shoot 'Em Up


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This is nice, I especially like the art style. Kind of plays like Downwell in reverse!

That actually wasn't intentional, our idea was a mix between Tetris and  Shoot'em ups. :P